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Cell phone monitor and tracking app functions Reports on phone calls. Paths who was named from your telephone. Monitors who called the phone. Tracks calls even if logs were wiped. Trails the actual time when the contact when disconnected and was produced. Trails the positioning where and when the phone call was made. It’ll present like a MISSED PHONE beneath the duration column in the event the contact isn’t received. When the recipient disconnects the phone it will exhibit NO ANSWER under the period order. Stories on text messages. Songs texting that are outgoing.

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Monitors incoming texting. Texts that were songs even if they’re wiped from the phone. Songs the phone’s geographic area if the text was directed or acquired. Signing program usage details. Songs all-the applications accessed to the phone. Studies around the timeframe allocated to each one of the programs. Record per application on memory usage.

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Dwell area tracking. Accounts the current live location of the phone. Where calls took place lists area coordinates. Area trek lives from point to point over a Google map. Historic site info to analyze tracks that are previous. Reporting on device elevation. 24/7 real time phone system application. Receive email alerts.

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Simple logger is removed. There is a new request fitted. A software is removed. This served me demonstrate my accusations correct. Our today ex was cheating along with her ex that was violent. Without this i would possibly still be spending her telephone statement and several other things. Thankyou for such a application that is good even if it created me feel horrible finding the facts out. Trapped my partner when she was said to be at the gym going to the ice cream retailer,.

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Since she knows I understand she does go to the gym:) Rio, Majorci Adding the Easy Logger Pro on our telephones has been the very best partnership decision we’ve made, naturally controlling we’re comfy today. This minor application may have preserved our relationship. Oak Lawn, Christi and Roy Lee Managing 25 sales staff which are right out of faculty is actually a nightmare specifically with the social media happening, the software shows me who is resting while in the park and who is undertaking the sales. Saved me plenty! Long Beach, Fred Falke My children get college through not so wonderful streets, logger tells me therefore I could relax easy where they are at all times. Denver, Nick Lad My union was stored by logger. Lalia Khan Locating EasyLogger was great for our distribution company! Xora has been exchanged by the telephone checking function and Field-Force manage and costs practically 1/5 the price.

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It generally does not possess a lot a pointless attributes that dispatchers dont require or want. Our staff is just told by it where their 30 people have reached all instances and have been. The scrolls and calls’ studies is hardly unhelpful to be sure our team provides customer support that is great. Leveck, Manager of Client & Marketing Solutions, Best Shipping LLC We had we are sued by a worker for use of his private telephone he thought we would to not employ and while on business period, using the effortless logger reviews we were able to present we granted him a company cellphone. Thanks Straightforward logger. James Dubois Very good application to possess 10/10 Fantastic tiny app measure as it affirms to the tin as the saying goes well chuffed and preferably can do whatsapp and facebook in the next update and significantly less than 3 a month worth it thus give it an attempt in confident you will discover it just like I really do 10/10 Startup and good software for detective, really fast to set up. Finest component could be the cloud console that can modify arrangement to the telephone without access.