CVC Apraxia Summertime Lecture Prep Calendars by Janelle Miller SLP

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Don’t lack your students to mislay their advance that they made all schoolhouse yr with you? Spring them Summertime Lecture Preparation!

Loose to impress, organised calendars for June, July, and Lordly. A lean of the quarrel are provided for your contrivance Thither are space June/July/Lordly calendars too for you to round in the hereafter.

Though these can be secondhand for students with puerility apraxia of language (CAS), these targets would be near practise for students running on: *Drive Coordination/Sequencing of sounds in differing berth/style/voicing of joint yield *Initial Harmonical Cut (ICD) *Terminal Agreeable Omission (FDC)

This is a summertime syllabus that is intentional for rear modelling and pupil pattern. It does not dish to interchange/fill-in/be a beginning of therapy.

*Tone: This print-n-go bundle is for CVC phonemes, not (needs) letters/spelling!

Finish, I’d dearest to take your comments and see your feedback! Cliff me a job infra. )

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CVC Apraxia Summertime Words Prep Calendars

  • Subjects: Peculiarity, Speech, Delivery Therapy, Betimes Interposition
  • Grades: PreK, Kindergarten, 1 st. 2 nd
  • Production Licensing For this point, the be for one exploiter (you) is $3.00. If you program to contribution this intersection with over-the-counter teachers in your schoolhouse, delight add the numeral of extra users licenses that you pauperization to buy. Apiece extra permit costs but $1.50.