Mount up the iOS Growth Environment_4

Scene up the iOS Ontogenesis Surround

The Vuforia SDK for iOS presently supports the bulk of iOS devices including:

  • iPhone 6/6+ 6S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2, 3 4
  • iPad miniskirt
  • iPod Contact 4G and late

Vuforia formally supports iOS 7 devices and supra, and Mac OS X Lion or Panther exploitation platforms.

Pursue the stairs infra to:

  1. Turn an iOS Developer
  2. Establish XCode and the iOS SDK
  3. Set a Provisioning Visibility

Get an iOS developer

Vuforia applications mustiness be deployed to a gimmick to run; they cannot be run in the iOS simulator. You moldiness inscribe in the iOS Developer plan to deploy applications to an iOS gimmick. You can enter hither:p>

Instal XCode and smartphone application development companies the iOS SDK

Erstwhile you bear enrolled in the iOS Developer platform, you should birth entree to the iOS Dev Centre:p>

Attend the Dev Gist or the Mac AppStore to download XCode. The download should admit the modish variation of the iOS SDK.

We bear well-tried Vuforia with XCode 4.5 and iOS SDK 6.0 or supra; still, it should be potential to set the Deployment Butt to 4.3 or supra from inside XCode.

Rig a Provisioning Visibility

From the iOS Dev Plaza, you can attend your iOS Provisioning Portal, where you can pursue the stairs to arrange your growth car to habitus and deploy iOS applications. Besides, pursue the operation to:

  • Incur a security
  • Allot a twist
  • Produce an App ID
  • Produce a provisioning visibility
  1. When choosing an App ID, selection something generic adequate to sour end-to-end your evolution appendage. See the Apple Developer Provisioning Portal for more details roughly choosing App IDs.
  2. Make a Evolution Provisioning Visibility victimisation the App ID you created, and be certainly to add the devices you like to trial.
  3. Download the provisioning visibility to your estimator and double-click it to instal.
  4. Examination that a bare non-Vuforia lotion, peradventure one of the samples in the iOS SDK, can run on the twist. If you get problems, it is a near approximation to hunting the web for solutions, as thither is plentifulness of advice uncommitted.

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