New logotype treasured for package ontogenesis caller

Early notes

We bequeath indigence the RGB values of the colours put-upon in the logotype so that we can use the like semblance system in my site.

We wish the use of gradients (colouration modulation), but need a logotype that leave feel near embroidered on a shirt also. Maybe 2 versions of the logotype – one with solids and one with gradients?

Elementary is constantly near.

Wed wish see a grayish timbre rendering of the logotype also.

Lyric that could be secondhand to discover my companionship, my services, or my clients: active, vanguard, racy, leadership in engineering.

This should be a master logotype – no cartoons and not playful or fun.

We would too believe logos that focussed on the initials of the fellowship (BSS).

Bronzy parcel

Paying features

Disengage features


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