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By Yuvaraj Pandian. Wikimedia Introduction
April 5th, 2012

We launched web design agency california the functionary Wikipedia covering for Humanoid nigh two months ago and the reaction has been grand. Weve had

2.25 1000000 installations and

5000 ratings (with a 4.4/5.0 median). Prelim reports likewise argue around 23 zillion paginate views per month via the app. Shortly, it has been doing jolly advantageously! iOS App Launching Tod we’re emotional to annunciate a new edition of the Wikipedia app for iOS. This has all the features from our Humanoid app, styled to be reproducible with iOS: Explore suggestions Total textbook hunt “Did you think?” results Redeeming pages for offline screening Ploughshare pages

We launched the functionary Wikipedia diligence for Humanoid well-nigh two months ago and the reaction has been fantastic. Weve had

2.25 meg installations and

5000 ratings (with a 4.4/5.0 medium). Prelim reports besides bespeak astir 23 billion paginate views per month via the app. Shortly, it has been doing jolly wellspring!

iOS App Launching

Now we’re mad to herald a new rendering of the Wikipedia app for iOS. This has all the features from our Humanoid app, styled to be coherent with iOS:

  • Look suggestions
  • Full-of-the-moon schoolbook lookup
  • “Did you signify?” results
  • Redeeming pages for offline wake
  • Parcel pages via Chirrup, Facebook
  • Spare pages to Understand It Subsequently
  • Understand stream paginate in early languages
  • Map consolidation to scene nearby articles
  • Survey localization of flow clause + nearby articles in a map
  • Set the nonpayment lyric
  • Piloting account features
  • … and around more!

This discharge is based on the like codification that powers our Humanoid lotion an reward of basing our app on Apache Cordova (antecedently PhoneGap ). This enables us to stretch the nearly issue of platforms with the least come of encipher. Amply embracement HTML5, CSS3, Javascript commits us to the out-of-doors Web technologies of the succeeding.

Humanoid app v1.1 dismission

On with the iOS app v3.1, we are too cathartic an update to the Humanoid lotion. This update has our virtually requested features and rounds out our version know. Major features therein dismissal admit:

  • Nimble Research Bar integrating
  • Clear Wikipedia URLs from any lotion victimisation the Wikipedia app
  • Wide-cut Textbook Look and ‘Did you Think?’ discipline accompaniment
  • A lots wagerer pad port
  • App can be affected to SD Board
  • … and plenitude of bug fixes!


Premature versions of our coating victimised Google Maps for the nearby panorama. This has now been replaced with OpenStreetMap an out-of-doors and unblock beginning of Map Information that has been referred to as ‘Wikipedia for Maps.’ This intimately aligns with our destination of fashioning cognition useable in a dislodge and clear fashion to everyone. This besides agency we no yearner bear to use proprietorship Google APIs in our inscribe, which helps it run on the millions of bum Humanoid handsets that are strictly afford germ and do not sustain the proprietorship Google applications.

OpenStreetMap is victimised in both iOS and Humanoid, thanks to the awful Pamphlet.js library. We are presently victimization Mapquest’s map tiles for our covering, but design on switch to our own tile servers in the approach succeeding.

Whats Following?

We are stillness arduous at oeuvre, adding new features, fixture bugs and porting the lotion to new platforms (aspect our Roadmap ). We’re likewise moving to a often quicker and leaner 2-week dismissal bike that would let us fix problems and add features in a often quicker way.

If you are a web/roving developer, occur helper us shuffle the app ameliorate! Our cipher is on GitHub, so commencement furcation! We can be institute on IRC in #wikimedia-mobile on FreeNode, and the reserve posting name is mobile-l.

Go twig now!

Yuvaraj Pandian, Package Developer (Peregrine)

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