Londons starring developers of iPhone, iPad and Humanoid smartphone apps.

A Start Brooder
We are passionate almost functional with entrepreneurs
who have the imaginativeness to institute a big mind to biography

Web – iPhone – iPad – Humanoid – Wearables

Award-Winning Digital Authority
Delivery instauration to production developing done vanguard
scheme, architecture figure hybridization the overlap of web
nomadic and vesture app evolution

Fondly handcrafted in Fitzrovia, London

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A declination of running conjointly founders to Plunge companies

E-Man squad, what you are doing (With iOS growth) is real near and crucial. Support it up!

Steve Wozniak, 13 / 02 / 2014

Co Laminitis, Apple Inc

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At e-Man team-work is dreamwork.

The e-Man kinfolk, is a squad of masses who passion to
exercise unitedly in the instauration of exciting startups
with our founders in residency. Our kernel values
root from a civilization that promotes, humbleness,
transparence, and legitimacy.

Wear Tec – Impacting The Hereafter Of App Growth.

‘We enable the biggest brands to successfully roadmap their tec requirements and assistance founders to anatomy companies’.