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Digital Intra Oral X-Ray Sensors -Good Image Quality – Part 1 -Dependability – Part 2 -Cost – Component 3 -Functionality – Component 4 Part 4 Functionality Reviewed Detectors: -Eva by Dent X (AFP Imaging) -SuniRay-Suni Corporation (Orange Dental) -Dixi 3-Planmeca -Dexis Platinum-Dexis -CDR Elite-Schick -Kodak RVG6100- Kodak (Owned By Carestream Now) Part 4: Functionality In this post I want to discuss how a sensor can be joined into any particular data which may be of interest, what software the detectors will operate with and your computer systems as much as the sensors use. -Eva by Dent X (AFP Imaging) This detector connects to a long-lasting and affordable interface that can be mounted on the wall or under a counter. The interface connects to your computer. The interface in this layout is not meant to be moved from room to room and due to this the interface is sold fairly inexpensively at around $300. The interface itself can be 16 feet from your computer because of the constraints of USB. I’ve not had good luck with attaching this interface. To be sure of dependability that is great I would propose to restrict yourself to mounting the interface within the 16ft restriction. The detector plugs into the interface and give you roughly 6 feet of cable to work with.

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If your room has pass through xray tube heads I would guidance running the usb cable into your pass through through the wall or floor so that when you plug in the detector, the detector and sensor cable follow the exact same path as the xray tube arm. This will prevent you from damaging your detector during use and tripping over the cable. If you will not be got by 16 feet to the pass may need to mount the unit. If you do not have a pass through than try to route over your usb cable to the xray tube wall mount and find your interface there. The idea is that if the detector is being used by you, the tube head is pulled out and the arm of the tube head keeps you from walking across where your sensor cable is. The sensor has rounded corners and is of similar size to some Suni Ray or Schick sensor. I would anticipate this detector to be as comfortable as most detectors on the market.

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Eva detectors come with their own comprised imaging software that’s acceptable to use or if you would like they also work great in Xray Vision. I favor Xray Vision typically, because of its ability to work with lots of phosphor plate systems and different detectors, panos. -SuniRay-Suni Corporation (Orange Dental) The Suni Ray is a direct in line USB sensor similar to the Kodak detector. The sensor is attached in line interface to its own and has about 3 feet of cable here. The small interface about the size of a can of mints has a miniature USB connection that is female and includes a 16 foot usb cable to plug into the interface. This detector layout is thought to be plugged into a powered hub found near your computer. In most of my installs I propose having enough USB cables interface approximately and to have one simply transfer the detector with its short cable and plugged in in every room.

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This can be much easier than using the 16 foot usb cable that is long and moving it from room to room. The detector has rounded corners and a composite body. I’ve discovered the sensor to be comfortable position and to use. Suni Ray detectors work in Xray Vision and Prof Suni. That is kind of redundant because Prof Suni is an OEM release of Xray Vision -Planmeca ProSensor The Planmeca sensor has an interface that the real sensor plugs into. The interface has a variety of manners to be connected to the computer including a network interface and USB. Because it is possible to put your interface any space from your computer you choose the network interface is a superb alternative.


If you used the correct wireless device in conjunction with the interface and you know a computer man who can set it up you wouldn’t even need to run a cable from your network to the interface. The detector itself is for watertight and of similar size to the other sensors in this review except the Dexis which is smaller. Planmeca sensors work within their own Dimaxis applications and also can be utilized in Xray Vision PLANMECA CORRECTIONS ” Its called the Planmeca ProSensor…. The image you use even shows that. :) Dixi was replaced by it. The guarantee plan is 10 years. 3 years 100% 3 years 50 40% no fees.

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We now have a 24 hour replacing after a dealer technology has affirmed the difficulty with our support (or even the office together on the telephone based on the dilemma) We’re integrated directly into Romexis (our SW that replaced Dimaxis awhile past for 2D and 3D in one) Eaglesoft, MacPractice, Dolphin, and others. The pictures are on a couple of our websites. Also I have posted pictures on Dentaltown in the past comparing it to SUNI sensors in MacPractice. From the exact same office, same computer, tubehead, physiology, etc. If you would like some pictures let me know. The pricing is adjustable. We have trade ins for present digital users, we bundle them with Pans, we bundle them with Intra X-Beams, we offer buy 2 get one..c. Also Pricing is determined by the dealer, and we do have a few supply associates therefore we cannot post pricing.” -Anonymous -Dexis Platinum-Dexis The new Dexis Platinum does not have any interface.

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It has a cable that comes directly from the sensor and ends in a normal USB B Connection that can be plugged into the computer USB ports. The disadvantage of this is the connector is good for about 1000 disconnects meaning if you are unplugging it after about 1000 patients you will probably begin having issues with the sensor plug, and moving it. The cable is quite long and most probably would have to be plugged in your computer draped across the ground to your own patient when and is. Dexis detectors only function in Dexis Image from what I’ve been told although I know that drivers were made for this to work for when the detector is utilized in conjunction. -CDR Elite-Schick

Schick Sensor Plug For Interface
This detector plugs in through its own interface that has another cable that comes out of it and plugs in through USB to the computer. In terms of placement of the sensor because you would not need to damage the cable going to the interface by running it you’ll likely desire to place the interface,. The interfaces for these schick sensors are close to $2K a piece so be careful using them. Schick detectors work in Dentrix Picture through a module you download, through picture that is eaglesoft and with xray vision.

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I’ve just used the sensor in eaglesoft and xray vision. If you use eaglesoft picture alter the acquisition timer and you might want to go into the settings. By default I believe it’s set to less than a minute so if you hit the acquire button before placement the detector the acquisition may time out before you take the xray. -Kodak RVG6100- Kodak (Owned By Carestream Now)

Kodak RVG 6100 Sensor
Kodak sensors are extremely similar regarding how they plug in to the Suni Ray. They have an interface which is very small which is attached directly to the sensor through a cable. You then use an USB cable to plug into the interface. So far as functionality the Kodak works just like the Suni Ray. Kodak detectors function in Kodak Image and in Xray Vision.

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Kodak don’t like it feel free to buy Xray Vision and change over and only recently released the drivers to interface with Xray Vision so if you have Kodak Image. If you have comments or any questions please comment on visit or the post