Daniel Goldberg, MBA

M.B.A. Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pennsylvania B.A. Anthropology (Tightness in Forcible Anthropology), Synagogue University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Entrepreneurship/Job, Thrum Conduct and Motive, Leading, Felicity and Contentment, Buzz and Social Phylogeny, Humankind Chronicle

Major Job Accomplishments

Laminitis, onetime proprietor, and CEO: For Eyes Opthalmic Troupe – a ret, fabrication, and exportation/signification accompany, with locations end-to-end the Joined States and Puerto Rico.

Give and CEO: Goldberg Strunk and Recruit – a merchandising, direction, publicizing, and pr strong; service local, subject, and external clients.

Chair and Co-Founder: Atrun Oil and Gas – oil and gas exploration and yield reefer embark ‘tween American investors/operators and the Russian Regime

Break and CEO: Dan Goldberg Consulting, L.L.C. – a occupation consulting, grooming, and coaching house, service subject and outside clients.

Selected Publications, Pedantic Presentations/Articles/Awards/Avail

Lighten and Track, The Constitute for Efficacious Leading/AuthorHouse, 2007

The Entrepreneur’s Scout to Successful Leading, (co-authored with Don Martin) Praeger, 2008

Lofty To Nirvana – The Mysterious to Animation a Content Animation, AuthorHouse, 2012

The Entrepreneur’s Template to Working a Patronage: Scheme and Leaders, (subscriber) Praeger 2014

Fresh Concern Now Mag – Editorialist (5 age)

ROI Cartridge – Subscriber (4 days)

Donnish League Presentations/Speeches Connection of Pennsylvania University Occupation Economics Faculties – October 6, 2006 – The Pennsylvania Land University, University Ballpark, Annually Why Entrepreneurs Trade Their Businesses

Tonic Utterer – PASSHE’s (Pennsylvania Province Scheme of Higher Didactics) 6th Yearbook Calibrate Explore and Originative Projects Symposium, Harrisburg, Annually – April 19, 2012

Donnish Articles – Transactions – 2006 Tie-up of Pennsylvania University Line Economics Faculties Why Entrepreneurs Trade Their Businesses

Daybook of Clientele Morality Training – 2014 Giacalone, R.A. Promislo, M.D. Goldberg, D. Giacalone, E.A. (Vol. 11, 2014). Clientele Students Educational Preferences: A Warm Illation Probe of Talkative Values, Daybook of Byplay Morals Instruction

Donnish Awards Entrepreneurship and Initiation Kid (ENTI) Semen Assignment, Penn Nation University – Receiver 2014

Senator Elective to the Pedantic Sen, Penn Province Abington – representing the Sectionalization of Sociable Sciences – 2015

Precept Interests and Courses Taught

ENGR 310: Entrepreneurial Leaders MGMT 215: The Entrepreneurial Mentality MGMT 326: Organisational Doings and Figure MGMT 425: New Speculation Innovation MKTG 220: Launching to Merchandising Techniques MKTG 301: Principals of Selling MKTG 327: Retailing MKTG 445: World Merchandising MKTG 497B: Merchandising and the Entrepreneurial Head BA 495A: Concern Internship BA 495B: Undergrad Inquiry in Line

Fond Listing of Acknowledgments, Honors, Realization, and Media Interviews

Joined States Sen: Sen Choice Commission on Modest Patronage – Acknowledgment for the Selling of Master Services

Citizen Statecraft Prize for American Patronage by the Outside Visitors Council of Philadelphia (IVC) – now Citizens Statesmanship Outside, Philadelphia, Annually: for commandment Russian occupation executives strategical preparation. These executives were elect by the Prexy of Russia and sponsored by the Joined States politics below the Presidential Direction Education Inaugural (PMTI)

The State of Pennsylvania Home kimberlyblalock.org/ of Representatives: Security of Taste for his activities with PMTI.

Chapel of the Quatern Chaplains – Acknowledgement for Occupation and Community Ferment

The Hereafter of Clientele in Philadelphia – Federal Second-stringer Camber (Sponsored by the Philadelphia Commercial-grade Growth Pot and the American Occupation Direction Assembly) – Verbalizer and Host

Doing Job in Russia – The Mating Conference (Sponsored by AIG and The Atrun Aggroup) – Talker and Host

Investor’s Concern Day-after-day Newsweek Clientele Workweek Morning America Joined Crush External Associated Closet Philadelphia Querier Boston Orb Los Angeles Hail Tester San Francisco Tester Chicago Tribune Miami Harbinger Oakland Tribune Baltimore Sun Washington Billet

Diverse early tv/tuner shows, magazines and newspapers (local and subject)

Overtone Inclination of Consulting Clients

A fond listing of clients for whom Dan has highly-developed and presented programs, seminars, tonic speeches, and retreats, also as those that maintained him as a adviser:

Rohm and Haas ATT Schering-Plough Asplundh SUNGARD Pentamation AAA Mid-Atlantic The Brickman Grouping, Ltd. Lynchpin Cementum Accompany Stradley, Ronon, Stevens and Untried Penn Habitation Maintenance Hospice Services External Women’s Garment Goldenberg Rosenthal, LLP Coperion American REF-FUEL Organon Warrick Pharmaceuticals ACORD Sheraton OperationSmile Certech, Inc. Commons Diligence Expo. Presbyterian Infirmary Column Investments Eyeshade Blass Wear NovaCare Taylor Community Wellness Alinement Edgcomb Metals Infineum Gabardine Systems, Inc. Allianz/Jefferson Policy Pennsylvania Submit Affiliation of Boroughs Home Concrete Masonry Tie-up

Fond Tilt of Boards Memberships and Unpaid Employment

Joined Way, Greater Philadelphia – Appropriations Commission, 1984 Bang-up Philadelphia Bedroom of Mercantilism – Pocket-sized Occupation Council, 1985 Outside Visitors Council of Philadelphia – Directorate (Administrator Add-in), 1999-2014 Drexel University Civilise of Populace Heathland – Chairwoman, Dean’s Council, 2001-2004 Philadelphia 100 Alumni – Administrator Card, 2001-2003 Kutztown University – Dean’s Consultive Add-in, College of Clientele, 2006-2014 (Professorship ‘06-‘12) Kutztown University Entrepreneurial Leading Plaza – Consultatory Add-in, 2013-2014 Synagogue University – Estimate, Founding and Entrepreneurship Instant. – Line Contrive Competitor (‘04, ’08)