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Android Development Director in Georgia United States Title Android Manager Description LOCATION DESCRIPTION: AirWatch is currently seeking an experienced Android Growth Manager to participate the Android research and improvement group. This group works about Android’s sophisticated releases prior to the public has access. This position may concentrate on offering customer focused, venture native purposes used around the globe by millions of gadgets. As a Manager of the crew, you’ll not be irresponsible for leading a team of highly-talented Software Development Technicians. You will assure best methods of Scrum Method in developing Finest-in- Functionality Stability of the item. You will be responsible for matching and managing methods for successful completion of technology deliverables. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with the Product Supervisor to guide on possibilities that are technical and keep maintaining the prioritization of functions Lead the look, produce, and maintain business class programs about the Android platform Manage highly qualified Agile teams. Mentor, mentor and inspire team members to get the most effective out from the team as well as manage the job objectives.

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Have practical property of rule, perform code critiques, provide pro inputs on development and layout choices Be inclined and capable of working during growth/exam rounds design, and incorporation on complicated programs. Examine the software to check out possibilities to enhance it. Track crew and task quality to continually enhance throughout Ensure that each one engineering deliverables stakeholders and expected by the Item Manager accomplish achievement that is successful to the routine. LOCATION REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Bachelor’s-Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer-Science or related Minimum 8 years of hands on signal progress in C++ Java and process evaluation Minimum three years of encounter in leading groups with Android Native purposes and offering successful outcomes In building Outstanding Mobile Applications, Passion for Freedom and Simplicity Excellent people management skills – teamwork, transmission, and authority Strong the ability and effective listening skills to read answers, worries and requirements across organizations that are useful and stakeholder Solid grasp on Portable Cloud Computing Structure, knowing Functionality and Security’s importance. Skilled with Object Oriented Principles and Design Designs, Network and computer-science basics. Ability to make use of sector application design tools and software development tools to create project artifacts to get solution supply Proficient in applying development tools like Android Studio, ADB Gadget Check Wireshark, Battery Historian, Performance Methods, Espresso Gradle Bamboo etc. Promoted Area (Select ONLY 1 site) GA, Atlanta, US AirWatch by VMware will be the boss in business management.

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With more than 10 years running a business, AirWatch enables corporations across the globe to firmly accept mobility to flourish in todays business situations. A pioneer in portable product management AirWatch, for corporate use simplifies enterprise mobility by empowering IT to manage cellular devices, applications, material, e-mail, checking and more from a single solution, increasing employee production and business procedures across all industries. AirWatch was purchased by VMware in early 2014 for $1.54 thousand and is today an integral part of the VMware End User Research business unit. With 2014 reservations of $200 million, AirWatch by VMware has over 15,000 shoppers, the largest ecosystem of flexibility associates and 2,000+ workers in 11 practices around the globe. At the primary of what we do are our employees who seriously benefit creativity, love, honesty and our clients. Desire to be element of a thoughtful community that spreads on building mobile technology’s next generation? Discover more at EEO Statement Is an opportunity company devoted to the concepts of positive action and identical employment opportunity for many candidates and employees. Consideration and equivalent chance are provided to personnel and all skilled candidates in Requisition Number Is that this a numerous or remote location location? LinkedIn Employer Account Email EmilyStanek Amount of Career (LinkedIn)